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The photographer Gaston Lacombe offers a look at the thriving population of Adélie penguins during the summer in Antarctica:

Photograph by Gaston Lacombe.


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What to say to your non virgin friends

Them: how's your dating life?
Me: it's non existent lol
Them: How's your vagina?
Me: tighter than yours lmao
Them: when are you gonna have sex?
Me: when I fucking get married! Or when I feel like it for all the people planning to have sex before marriage.
Them: It's been two months since I've had sex and I'm miserable!
Me: it's been...over two decades since I've had sex and I'm still alive...
Them: I'm gonna get you a vibrator
Me: yeah would rather not lose my virginity to plastic and batteries hahaha
Them: how do you not have sex? It's the best thing ever!
Me: I know sex is good. It's so good that I wanna wait until I find the person worth having sex with :)


Society’s views of virginity today make me so angry. You shouldn’t feel dirty for losing it and it shouldn’t rule your life. Keeping it is fine, and losing it is fine. All on your own terms. I hate when young girls who don’t fully understand yet are forced to pledge to remain a virgin to be “pure.” Your virginity does not define your worth. Sex is not a dirty thing and it should not be shamed the way it is today.